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Meetings are held each Thursday morning from 7:00 to 8:00 AM for breakfast and a program at: 

Waffles N More, 365 Iron Springs Rd Prescott, Arizona.


Shop like normal and help a kid to see:


Fry's Food 


Sunrise Lions:

  • purchase examinations and glasses for young people in the Greater Prescott area each year who can not afford them;
  • have been active in acquiring eyes for cornea transplants and paid for such operations;
  • helped construct and finance the Prescott Blind Center;
  • built and maintain a state recognized Nature Trail in the Groom Creek area for the blind and handicapped;
  • work closely with the Prescott school nurses in helping students with eye problems;
  • collect old eye glasses;
  • hold the Scholarship Banquet for outstanding Prescott High School students each Spring;
  • present American flags to all Prescott first grade students each year;
  • present two vocational scholarships each year;
  • sponsor two high school students to the Czech Republic each year;
  • and are active in all district, state, and international Lion projects, such as Arizonas Camp Tayitee for handicapped youth.

Contact us:

Prescott Sunrise Lions
P.O.Box 985
Prescott, AZ 86302



Our club of some 60+ members, was founded in March 1961. 


Prescott Sunrise Lions

Combined Foundation Board of Directors 2015-2016


President                               Peter Vogelzang     

Immediate Past President     Tony Humphrey          

1st Vice President                 Kevin Pasciak        

2nd Vice President                Don White    

Treasurer                               Scott Helfinstine           

Secretary                               Jon Bundy           

1 Year Director                      Roger Pena          

1 Year Director                      Dave Zimlin         

2 Year Director                      David Snyder            

2 Year Director                      Brian Carlisle            

Tail Twister                            Scott Sabo        

Membership Chair            Carl Anderson  

Lion Tamer                            Frank McGraw